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WARNING: The Rocky Horror Show is not recommended for the easily offended.

This show deals with mature subject matters in an immature way.

If sex, drugs, rock & roll, adultery, cannibalism, incest, cross-dressing, aliens, and above all, show tunes are not your cup of tea, this may not the show for you.

However, if you like superior entertainment we look forward to giving you an experience you will never forget.

Box Office Hours:  Tuesday - Saturday  12:00PM - 6:00PM

Seminole Theatre

18 North Krome Avenue

Homestead, Florida

Now that you have purchased your tickets get the participation and prop list for an experience you will never forget.  Hay, didn't I just say that?

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One fateful night, Brad Majors and his fiancée Janet Weiss, a wholesome well-behaved

utterly normal young couple in love, set out to visit an old professor. Unfortunately for

them, this night is destined to be one they will never forget.

The night's misadventures will cause Brad and Janet to question everything they've known about themselves, each other, love, and lust.

VIRGIN - In the common world, this usually refers to a person who has not engaged in sexual relations.  In THE ROCKY HORROR world, this word refers to the people who have never experienced THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW in a theater with an audience and a live cast.  Seeing it on home video Blu-ray, DVD, VHS, or Netflix doesn't count.

By the way, for the "gore sensitive", Rocky Horror is NOT a horror film.  It is a rock-musical satire of old science fiction and horror films.

Here's what you really need to know.

First, the only thing you really need to bring in order to have fun is a sense of humor.

Of course, being surrounded by your friends is also a good thing.  You should dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable, but also does not violate any local standards (this usually means nudity is out.)

But hey, what about the props and audience participation lines and dressing up in

costume?  Well, no one expects you to know much of anything your first time out. While audience participation is mandatory to keep the show alive, it is not mandatory that everyone participate, every time.

Virgins are not expected to know a damn thing (just like in sex.)

If you really want to bring props, check our prop list.  The safest ones to bring are a cellphone light, a few sheets of newspaper, toilet paper and a deck of cards.  

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