We are dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of the performing arts by providing live, quality theatrical performances within Miami–Dade and Monroe counties as well as the surrounding areas at very affordable prices. In addition to providing a vehicle for for performing artists, Ginsberg Productions provides a supportive and creative work opportunity for members of the Florida-based theatre community, enabling the creation and production of new works for adults and children. Our uniqueness is twofold in that we choose to support philanthropic causes in these areas by allowing them to utilize our productions for their fundraising needs while we absorb all or part of the production costs and we provide first-class entertainment to senior residential assisted living facilities at no cost to them.



Questions, thoughts, or just want to chat.  Please call us: (305) 515-4552

President - Debra Ginsberg

Vice President - Michael Vadnal

Secretary - Peggy Doty

Treasurer - Richard Ginsberg

Technical Director / Set Design - Colin Kendrew

Music Director / Conductor - Doug Bickel

Director of Set Building - Gus Aguilar