Richard Ginsberg

Having had a career as a serial entrepreneur, I now focus on assisting my wife with her theatrical endeavors.

Assistant to wife at Ginsberg Productions, Inc.

2013  -  Present

My title says it all.

Pro Bono

2006  -  Present

Animal Health & Rehab Center – 2010 – 2015.  For years Dr. Marta Sanchez has cared for my pets. To thank her I designed a website for her practice which provides medical care by combining a Conventional Medical approach along with Alternative Medicine methods.

Friends of the Key Largo Cultural Center – 2011. For this start-up, non-profit organization, I provided advertising and marking schema as well as funds for advertising. Additionally, I designed and maintained their website. This group provides cultural events for Florida's Upper Keys communities.

Florida Keys Wild Bird Center – 2008 – 2011.  The organization rescues, rehabilitates and releases native and migratory birds.  I bestowed a new website and publicity to give this 35 year old non-profit organization a fresh breath of life.

Miami Acting Company – 2006 – 2010.  I assisted this start-up non-profit organization in realizing their goal of presenting live theatrical performances in Miami, Florida and surrounding communities. I personally designed and maintained their website and also produced their advertising campaigns.  My family also provided financial assistance.

CEO - Venture Capital & Private Equity Funding - BelleMead Ltd.

1991  -  Present

Envirolive – 2007 – 2009 Enamored with the enthusiasm of Ben Greene, I purchased one of his prototype electric vehicles.  Subsequently, on a pro bona basis, I provide management advisory services.  Envirolive had been importing Neighborhood Electric Vehicles from China. Unfortunately, the economic downturn following the 2008 election caused the company to become insolvent.

OpenPeak - In 2004 I obtained an equity position in OpenPeak, Inc,,  This firm designs end-to-end managed systems that enable Enterprises, SMBs, Education and service providers to provision and manage their customer's mobile devices and applications remotely.

BelleMead Ltd.  I served as CEO from 1995 through 2002.  We prototyped a self-contained Internet Access Computer (IAC) that retailed for $199.00 including a built in 15-inch color monitor.  Under my direction, with the assistance of Samsung, we produced the IAC.  Additionally, in conjunction with Earthlink, I oversaw the creation of the Internet Portal for the IAC.

EarthLink - In 1995, while still in California after completing a 470-mile bicycle trip with my friend Sam Azeez, I was introduced to Sky Dayton the founder of a start-up called EarthLink.  Both Sam and I were enamored with Sky.  He was 25 years old and wanted to set the world on fire with this new thing called the “Internet”.   Sam and I put a group of “angels” together to finance Earthlink.  Once the initial funding was in place many more investors soon followed.  Earthlink had a successful IPO in January of 1997.

Managing Director  -  Raid Power, Inc.

1993 - 2001

RAID Power - In 1993 Dan Gittleman and I co-founded RAID Power. I provided initial venture financing and funding for the company until it went cash positive. The company was later repositioned as StorageApps Inc. It became the number two worldwide market leader in storage management software according to Gartner/Dataquest. Hewlett-Packard acquired StorageApps in September 2001.

CEO  -  BelleMead Telephone, Inc.

1989 - 1999

Mr. Ginsberg founded BelleMead Telephone, Inc. in 1989 and served as its Chairman of the Board. He was also its majority shareholder.  The Cherry Hill Telephone Company was presently purchased.  An acquisition that was significantly below market value.  Cherry Hill provided mobile phone and pager service in the states of New Jersey and New York.  This company was liquidated to provide capital for expansion into foreign markets.  His vigorousness was to provide cellular service to nations lacking wireless telephony.

In 1990 I experienced my first success in a foreign market having led a delegation to Moscow, USSR where we competed against 15 other companies for the cellular telephone rights for Moscow.  In December we were awarded these rights.  The BelleMead organization was selected by the Ministry of Communications based on the integrity of its principals, superior engineering designs, flexibility, and our proven desire to work with the people in Moscow.

CFO and co-founder - Cellular America, Inc.

1983 - 1989

Mr. Ginsberg is recognized as an accomplished executive in the Cellular Telephone industry.  He is a successful entrepreneur with a track record of acquiring cellular rights, designing systems, obtaining financing, effecting public offerings and selling the ultimate operating entity.  Mr. Ginsberg was one of the founders of Cellular America, Inc. a publicly traded company that was acquired by Alltel in 1989. Cellular America began when the Federal Communications Commission released its rule making regarding the new service called "Amps”, later renamed "Cellular”.  Its rules provided for a duopoly in each of the Cellular Service Areas.  Being responsible for Cellular America's planning and business development, I formulated two strategies to take advantage of this duopoly.

The first was known as the "wire line strategy."  Simply stated this involved forming joint ventures with independent telephone companies.  Ultimately Cellular America was able to obtain equity positions in forty- two wire line markets. I often refer to this strategy as "taking the road less traveled”.   My second strategy was on the non-wireline side.  Here I structured the Cellular American Alliance.  These alliances or pools enabled Cellular America to obtain equity positions in twelve non-wireline markets.

Additionally, I have personally bought, sold and traded properties for Cellular America with the following companies: NYNEX, McCaw Cellular, Alltel, Contel Cellular, United Telephone Systems, Telephone Data Systems, Ameritech, American Cellular Network, and Bell South.

Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus

B.S., M.S., Education, Mathematics

In 1964 during my residence at L.I.U., I proposed the concept of a home telephone without wires and built a proof of concept model. A demonstration and marketing proposal was made to Professor Florence Miller. Her comment was: "who needs a phone without wires". What did I know? After all, she was a Professor. Several years later the "cordless telephone” was introduced to the American market.

Needless to say, I learned: "lost opportunities never return"